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Legend of Cats

People from all over the world see cats as the perfect
pet. Since time immemorial, there is a popular belief
that cats do posses magical powers. From the
fourteenth until the sixteenth century, most Europeans
have a notion that witches would turn their enemies
into cats. A strange cat that is left astray is
thought of as a victim or a witch disguising to be
one. Superstitions involving cats are commonly heard
from then on. In fact, the black cat is feared to
bring bad luck, misery, or cause a disease. Even a
person’s death is attributed to a black cat’s
unfortunate omen.
Even in some parts of the world
today such as Europe and the United States, there
exists a fallacy that once a black cat crosses your
path bad luck is sure to come your way.

Contrary to that, accounts about a cat’s heroism
redeemed them to many. The most popular legend is that
of “Puss in Boots”. The European fairy tale
exemplified a cat as a protagonist who helped his
owner in defeating an ogre and eventually marrying a
princess. This story left a mark and endeared cats to

At present times versions of the cat magician have
evolved and innovations have been adopted across
cultures. In Asia, farmers from Indonesia bathe their
cats as a customary ritual in order to implore the
rain god for a rainfall. True enough, rain falls to
irrigate the rice fields they plow. On the other hand,
Romanians have a different belief about the cats’
control over fertility. For them placing a cat in a
cradle would help recently married couples in having a
baby. Newlyweds rock the cradle in order to have a
baby very soon. In the meantime, sailors coming from
various countries suppose that one could predict the
weather condition especially storms at sea by merely
observing the feline creature’s behavior. All these
positive anecdotes ushered the cats’ fame in being a
favorable household pet.

Cat’s Self Care

Cats are deemed to be affectionate and sweet animals.
They are friendly and love being around human beings.
Most of them are easy to have as pets. Handling them
won’t be difficult since they have fairly light
weighing barely four kilograms. Taking care of them is
almost effortless. Unlike dogs, cats do not
necessitate walks with their owners. Playing itself is
considered enough exercise for them already. All they
need is a pat or a stroke. Also, they do not take up
much space and could just lie silently on a corner
without proving to be a distraction to the people
around. A purr coming from them is an indication that
they are very relaxed. They like to stay in one place
claiming it as their personal space. They hate
travelling and it would take them some time to get
used to the new place. For the most part of the day,
majority of a cat’s time is spent sleeping
particularly while their owner has left the house.

Grooming them does not require much especially the
ones with short hair. Although they are neat squeaks,
there is still no worry since all cats maintain their
cleanliness by tidying themselves. Cats are extremely
graceful and walk lightly on their feet. They love
playing with balls of threads among other cat toys.
Even when they are quite old, being playful is
characteristic of them. Being independent is something
that they are known for.

Cats would make a perfect pet for those who love to
cuddle animals but do not have so much time to spare.
They are ideal to be given to kids who are just
learning to adapt to the responsibility of taking care
of another living thing.


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